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Ideas for interior design gifts - for those who like to travel and beyond.

Buying a gift that hits the mark is an art. Sometimes, even though we have known someone for years, and even our memory dates back to school days, we find ourselves at a loss when it comes to choosing a gift. What does he/she actually like? Will they like it? The market doesn't make it any easier for us, because there are as many products as there are ants. And then there are promotions here and there, making it even more confusing. But you know perfectly well what you can buy at Bosco. And we'll give you some tips on who we recommend our products to and who buys them most often. Maybe it will help, make things easier? We hope so! Check out our gift guide from Boscohome.

1. Idea for a gift: Wooden world maps - Our best-selling gift is a wooden world map. It is eagerly received by all travel enthusiasts. Since many people love to travel and are proud of their journeys, it is great when these travels can find a place on the wall. And they look really nice. You can also mark them beautifully with a marker, for example in the shape of an airplane. It's a great thing, and the quality is also excellent!

Recommended for: world travelers.

2. Idea for a gift: Wooden pictures - Our wooden pictures are maps of countries, cities, or mountain ranges. They take up less space than world maps, so they may be a better gift if you are concerned that your friends may not necessarily want a large map in their living room. You can choose any city, island, village, country, mountain range - you can place a special order with us. This is another advantage: it is a personalized choice.

Recommended for: local patriots, expats, mountain climbers, travelers, and people who have their place on earth. Or several places.

3. Gift idea: Wooden clocks

Wooden clocks are a different direction. This time, we're not just talking about travelers, but actually they go great with our pictures and maps, creating cool sets and beautifully decorated walls. Wooden clocks with geometric finishes will make a great gift suitable for many interiors.

Recommended for: design enthusiasts, homebodies, wood and nature enthusiasts, and ecologists. And also for travelers :)

4. A how about a voucher?

In our offer, you can also find a voucher - perfect as a gift when you know that someone will like something, but you're not sure exactly what. A city - but which one? A world map - but what color? A mountain range - but which is the favorite one? Choose a voucher with a gift intent: it won't be impersonal or without ideas, and at the same time, the risk of making a mistake is minimal. Isn't it true that we've thought of everything? :) At Boscohome, you can buy a gift for any occasion: birthdays, name days, Christmas, housewarming parties, and as an inspiration for dream trips. We modestly suggest that the choice is yours: and everything is of high quality and made exclusively by our hands. If you have any questions, doubts, or would like to place a custom order - please contact us. You won't be disappointed, we can guarantee that!

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