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Wooden accessories are a perfect way to complement wooden world maps and enhance their aesthetics. Various elements such as wooden pins, planes, and ships can be used.


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Wooden World Maps - Unique wooden decorations for home and office Wooden 

The wooden world map offered in our online store is a wonderful decoration that will fit into any type of home interior, office or the representative part of a company. The wall world map is available in different color and size variations. We also offer different thicknesses, so you can customize your map to the character of the room and its dimensions. The wooden world maps on the wall are made of the highest quality materials. Visible details are created using innovative laser burning technology. Our products are characterized by high durability and resistance to damage, which we have achieved thanks to the use of a building material with an ideal texture and wood grain. We invite you to discover the various offer of unique wooden world maps.


Wooden 3D World Map for Wall - Easy Installation Installation of our wooden world maps is great fun.

The installation of our maps is very easy. With each ordered wooden 3D world map for the wall, we provide a special template and instructions, which will make the installation take only a few minutes. This template significantly facilitates the correct and even sticking of the map to the wall, as well as the proper arrangement of individual elements. The template should be attached to the wall using painter's tape. The map parts are best attached with mounting adhesive (such as Mamut or Pattex). If you are not sure whether individual continents, especially islands, have been placed on the wall at the proper distances, it is worth using the template - with it, the installation becomes very easy.


Wooden world maps on the wall - Unique wooden decorations for home and business

Our online store offers a wonderful decoration in the form of a wooden world map. It will fit perfectly into any type of home, office or corporate space. The map is available in various color and size options, with different thicknesses to match the character and dimensions of your room. Our wooden world maps on the wall are made from the highest quality materials. The visible details are created using innovative laser technology. Our products are durable and resistant to damage, achieved through the use of high-quality wood with an ideal texture and grain. We invite you to explore our diverse range of unique wooden world maps. Easy installation of the 3D wooden world map on the wall Installing our wooden world maps is a great fun. Each ordered 3D wooden map comes with a special template and instructions, making installation a breeze and taking just a few minutes. The template greatly facilitates the proper and even attachment of the map to the wall, as well as the correct positioning of the individual elements. The template should be attached to the wall using masking tape. The map parts are best attached with mounting glue (Mamut, Pattex). If you're unsure if the individual continents, especially islands, are in the right positions on the wall, it's worth using the template - with it, installation becomes very simple. Wooden world map on the wall - Store offer Our assortment includes world maps on wood with country borders, without borders, and with country borders and names. We are also able to create maps to special orders. Our constant offer includes: world maps - perfect for travelers, lovers of beautiful decorations and natural interior finish, European maps - a detailed map showing all European countries is also a spectacular wall decoration and educational element, maps for children - an extremely attractive form of wooden puzzles, showing the map of the world or Poland. The laid out elements are large enough for even younger children to use. Our proposed wooden world and Poland maps are an ideal way to learn through play. Our company creates not only wooden world maps, but also city maps, decorations and educational accessories. All our products are made entirely in Poland - from design to production. By purchasing from us, you can be sure that you won't find the same design anywhere else.

Wooden accessories and decorations are products that Boscohome specializes in.

We have a special sentiment for this product.

We are very happy about it because we have a special sentiment for this product, unlike any other in our store. It all started with it, thanks to it Bosco Home was created, and the map was the first product that you ordered from us. Since then, much has changed, and more products have been added. Finally, the wooden world map is available in classic, 3D, and even veneer versions. What's more, our wooden world map has accessories - markers in many shapes and colors that you can add to our maps. Is that the end? We are convinced that no, that when it comes to wooden world maps, we haven't said the last word yet :) Other products of ours? Of course, wooden city and country maps - just right when you have your favorite places, where your second homes are, where you often like to return. You also often choose wooden maps of Polish cities, perhaps as a memory of your hometown or to mark the city of your beloved? Do we not have a wooden map of a city, country, island, or smaller town that you would like to see on your wall? No problem, there are no limitations for us - let us know, and we will create one for you. Especially for you! What's more? Wooden mountain panoramas, mandalas, monsters, and educational products for children. We like wooden accessories, and not only travel is on our minds. Are you looking for a decoration for a children's room, wooden toys? Or maybe you like wooden accessories, you like plants, and nature? Our range is expanding, but it always goes in one direction - towards wood, ecology, handmade and unique things. Those that are not mass-produced, do not come from Asian countries, and are beautiful in themselves. We just like wood, but we already mentioned that, didn't we? That's why we offer you wooden interior accessories. All such products are carefully made, ecological, well thought out and tested in detail. Those that we would not only see on the walls of our own home, but also those that we have, and that we give as gifts to our loved ones. All made by us - a small, Polish company that likes wood and likes interiors. If, like us, you prefer wood to plastic, feel better in wood than in gloss, and also love nature, travel, and beautiful objects, you will surely find something for yourself at Bosco. And in the process, you are supporting a local company and the Polish economy. And we hope you know that! Who are we? Bosco is made up of people who like to tinker with wood, who like to create beautiful objects. They also like to travel, mountains, and returning home to their bed, kitchen, and coffee, which tastes so good only within these four walls. Who are we not? We don't pretend to be a big company, we're not too media-friendly, and you won't read much about us on social media - we just want to do our job well every day. And we hope that's enough for you :) The wooden world map? As you can see, for us, it's just the beginning. Something we started with, but didn't finish on. Wooden accessories, interior decorations are products that Bosco specializes in. For us, everything starts and ends with wood. And that won't change with us, for sure :)

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