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Wooden World Map, Wooden Map With Country Borders And Names - Customize

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Wooden laser-cut world map - very detailed. A wonderful addition to your interior.

The set includes:

wooden world map (excluding Antarctica)

a template to help mount the map on the wall

installation instructions

material: birch plywood

You can purchase Antarctica, a compass rose, and markers here.

When you purchase our world map, you will receive: installation instructions, a wooden map consisting of all continents and the largest islands, and a special template in 1:1 format for easy installation of the map.

Size :
Color :

  • Naturalny

  • Dąb jasny

  • Dąb złocisty

  • Dąb średni

  • Dąb rustykalny

  • Wenge
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Warianty :


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Wooden World Map

Our laser-cut wooden world map is a stunning and highly-detailed addition to any interior space. Made from high-quality birch plywood, the map comes with a handy wall-mounting template and assembly instructions. Antarctica, the compass rose, and markers can be purchased separately.

When you receive our world map, you'll find an easy-to-follow assembly guide, a wooden map featuring all continents and major islands, and a special 1:1 template that makes mounting the map a breeze.

The map is available in a beautiful oak finish, which complements a wide range of interior color schemes. It looks particularly striking against dark, navy walls or as a feature piece in a bohemian-inspired room.

Whether you're a seasoned traveler or simply want to add some visual interest to your home or office, our laser-cut wooden world map is a unique and eye-catching way to celebrate the diversity of our planet.

drewniana mapa wenge

Are you tired of ordinary, flat wall decorations and looking for something unique? Our maps are an unconventional and spectacular alternative to paintings, stickers, and posters. We offer various thicknesses, dimensions, and colors.

Wooden World Map

With every world map, we include a mounting template that facilitates the application of the map to the wall and the placement of individual elements. The template should be attached to the wall using painter's tape. The map elements are best attached using mounting adhesive (Mamut, Pattex).

All map designs available in our store were created in our workshop. By buying maps from us, you can be sure that you won't find the same design anywhere else.

A Gift for Every Occasion and Everyone

Attention to detail, durability, beautiful appearance, and the ability to assemble the map yourself make the Wooden World Map a gift for every occasion. Its assembly is a great opportunity to spend some time and of course talk about future travels.

100% Made in Poland

All our products are 100% made in our workshop in Wrocław, Poland. We use materials from Polish manufacturers.

What Will You Find in Our Package?

When you buy our world map, you will find in the package: installation instructions, a wooden map consisting of all continents and the largest islands, a special template in a 1:1 format enabling easy map installation.

Our product is offered in three language versions: Polish, English, and German. Upon special request, we can produce a map in any language. Additionally, on our website, you will find additional elements that will enrich your map. You can also purchase a wind rose in the chosen size, markers that allow you to mark places on the map where you have been or plan to visit, ocean names, airplanes, and boats to place on the map, and the Antarctica continent.


You can mount the wall maps using mounting adhesive Pattex, Mamut, or with TESA's red double-sided tape. The set includes a mounting template in a 1:1 format that allows you to precisely place the continents and islands on the wall. Additionally, with each map, we include instructions with valuable tips.

kolory próbnik

Wooden World Map in Light Oak Color

Our wooden world map in light oak color will look great on walls in dark colors such as navy, dark grey, or black. The light oak color will also complement interiors with a lot of natural wood elements.

drewniana mapa swiata

Data sheet

24 miesiące
Kraj produkcji
opakowanie tekturowe 50x70cm lub 50x35cm
Zawartość paczki
Drewniana mapa świata + wyspy, szablon montażowy, instrukcja montażu
80x50cm, 120x80cm, 140x90cm, 170x105cm, 200x125cm
Wersja językowa
polski, angielski, niemiecki
Grubość materiału
naturalny, dąb jasny, dąb złocisty, dąb rustykalny, dąb średni, wenge
Sklejka brzozowa FSC

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