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Wooden World Map, Wooden Map With Country Borders And Names - Customize

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Wooden world map - very detailed. A wonderful addition to your interior.


The set includes:

💟 wooden world map (continents, 43 islands, excluding Antarctica)

💟 a template to help mount the map on the wall

💟 installation instructions

💟 material: birch plywood

You can purchase Antarctica, a compass rose, and markers separately.

Size :
Color :

  • Naturalny

  • Dąb jasny

  • Dąb złocisty

  • Dąb średni

  • Dąb rustykalny

  • Wenge
Grubość :
Warianty :


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Masz 14 dni na zwrot produktu

Close travels. Far travels. To different countries, to different continents, just farther away, where life is different.

Why, you might ask? To observe and look, to taste and absorb, to detach and try. To rediscover, to find oneself and immerse oneself in this novelty, to feel and reconsider this otherness. What other way is there to get to know the world and oneself?

Drewniana mapa świata

A wooden world map is a decoration that, as this advertisement suggests, speaks more about you than 1000 words ever could. A wooden world map is a decorative element that, like no other, brings joy. You can enjoy a new chest of drawers and a new mug, you can enjoy a lamp and flowers in a vase, but a map is not just a pretty thing - it is a source of pride in your achievements, a repository of fond memories, and a conversation starter, prompting questions like "Do you remember when...?" and "Where should we go next?"

kolory próbnik

The creators of the map focus on producing a high-quality product with attention to detail and respect for the natural material used - wood. The advertisement suggests that the map is more than just a decoration, as it can represent personal achievements and memories, as well as serve as a conversation piece. The ad also highlights the fact that the product is eco-friendly, made in Poland, and comes from a small manufacturing company run by fellow travelers. The message encourages customers to choose Bosco as a brand that values quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability.

Mapa z drewna

In the Bosco map configurator, you can create a map that suits your personal taste. You can choose from several sizes and colors, select the thickness, and even choose country names in different languages. Make it your way!

Each map is unique. Wood can warp because it is a natural material. The paint is absorbed differently, giving it a unique dimension - after all, it is not a mass-produced item. And we hope you understand and appreciate this fact.


Data sheet

24 miesiące
Kraj produkcji
Zawartość paczki
Drewniana mapa świata + wyspy, szablon montażowy, instrukcja montażu
80x50cm, 120x80cm, 140x90cm, 170x105cm, 200x125cm
Wersja językowa
polski, angielski, niemiecki
Grubość materiału
Sklejka brzozowa FSC
Dominika Barańska 03/10/2022

Polecam mapę

Świetna mapa, jest trochę zabawy przy montażu ale warto - efekt rewelacyjny

Marcin 03/10/2022

dobry produkt

Zamówienie zgodne z opisem, dobra jakość drewna.

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